Townhomes Offer a Great Choice for First-Time Home Buyers

The best way for first time home buyers to get into the real estate market is to look at townhouses. They’re affordable and offer modern and practical living spaces.

There are plenty of reasons why a first time home buyer should look into purchasing a townhome rather than a detached house, and this is especially true in Kelowna. With a wide array of developments and townhomes for sale, there’s no reason why someone looking to get into home ownership couldn’t do so.

The biggest bonus of a townhouse is its affordability. Sharing one or two walls with another home can save thousands of dollars in the initial purchase. That alone makes it easier to get into the real estate market.

Most townhouses are part of a homeowner’s association, which also has its pros and cons. The pros include having snow and trash removal taken care of, as well as other maintenance that are paid for with the fees collected. The downside can be having far more rules and restrictions for how the exterior of the townhouse can look, and what the owner can actually do with it.

Townhomes are usually multi-story buildings, with both a front and back door, as well as a front and back yard, the front yard is often shared, while many will have small private backyards. This gives some of the benefits that one would get from a detached house, but without as much of the upkeep.

Townhouses are often a primary choice for developers, as they can fit more homes on a less land and thus turn a larger profit. So it’s not uncommon to see developments popping up all over the Okanagan these days with a variety of townhomes for sale.

Tallus Ridge is one of the many neighbourhoods in West Kelowna that boast modern townhomes. Brand new, clean, and with all the amenities, it’s not a wonder buyers are exploring their options with townhomes.

There’s also less chance

Townhomes also have a closer-knit community vibe that one doesn’t necessarily have in a detached home neighbourhood. Many townhouse neighbourhoods have some sort of communal green space or a playground, where the kids in the area can gather and play together. Adults will also have the chance to get to know each other through the HOA meetings, but it’s a lot easier sharing walls with someone when you know something about them.

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