Aging Meets Its Match with New LAFACE Anti-Aging Skin Care Line.

Adrienne Papp, Atlantic Publicity and Youthful and Ageless Announce the Promotion of Lisa Alexander’s LAFACE Anti-Aging Product Line.

People have been looking for the fountain of youth since the beginning of the human race. That thing that we all mark our lives by – time – and the effects it has on our bodies, has produced a huge industry of anti-aging products. These elixirs come in all forms, promising to erase wrinkles, subtract years, return us to our youth.

Adrienne Papp and Lisa Alexander have recently begun a partnership to promote Alexander’s new skin care line, called LAFACE, which is at the forefront of this revolution. Alexander is a California native from a fifth generation farming family. Gifted with a multi-faceted entrepreneurial spirit, Alexander has had careers in fashion and modeled for Givenchy and Valentino in Europe and New York.

Those entrepreneurial talents are now focused on her new company, LAFACE.

Not just another line of products offering to minimize the effects of aging, LAFACE products were inspired by Alexander’s connection to her background in organic farming and sustainable products and a personal quest to create the finest possible skin care products.

The inspiration for this new line was based on the fact that Lisa had very sensitive skin and LAFACE got its start from an actual need, not some consumer research study attempting to shoe horn yet another cosmetic product line into a crowded market.

“I decided, after trying everything I could, that I was going to start my own skin care line,” Lisa explains. “I had spent a lot of time in labs in Switzerland and Ayurvedic spas in India and learned a lot at places like that. I was frustrated with the skin care products I purchased and tried and decided I was going to make my own. I got a science team together and we went to work. After eight years of development, all funded by my other entrepreneurial efforts, we had a product line that I felt was the best available on the market.”

“Because I was never content to put out anything but the best, it became very expensive as I developed my skin care line,” Lisa explains. “Our ingredients are the finest examples of their type and are very expensive. We’re very careful about them, since these are products that people are applying to their faces. That’s why, going through production, these ingredients go through so many rigorous tests. They are tested when they first come in, and then when they are used in production, we have a series of tests they have to go through, and we’re very stringent about each step of the process.”

“We are very impressed with what Lisa has come up with in theory,” says Adrienne Papp of Atlantic Publicity and Youthful and Ageless. “She has asked me to write about these products based on my experience with them. Unfortunately at the time of this release I have not yet received the products, so I am unable to verify the quality or effectiveness of the LAFACE product line, but I know Lisa is very committed. That is why I also featured her in a premier position with the Royal Couple’s Wedding story in Hollywood Weekly.”

I hope to receive samples of her line in the future and then I can provide more specific details on how effective they are.”

In consideration of the ingredients of her product line, Lisa was also particularly aware of the changes that a woman’s skin in particularly susceptible to. Over time, changes occur in texture, radiance, tone and firmness, especially as a woman enters her forties, much of it due to significant decline in various hormone levels and a reduction in the synthesis of collagen and elastin and production of sebum. Those challenges, as well as the issues of sensitive skin, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema were the conditions that the LAFACE product line was able to directly affect.

Lisa current LAFACE product line includes her PUR Cleanser, Cellular Regeneration Cream, a C-Cell Regeneration Serum, the Efface Line Erasure Concentrate, her Beaux Yeaux Eye Cream and several moisturizing and mask products. Combined, these are the types of products that can make a significance difference in a woman’s appearance, restoring texture, erasing signs of aging and restoring a radiant, youthful appearance. They are also equally effective in the LAFACE line she developed specifically for men.

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