Carbon Footprint Compensation through Nature-Based Solutions: Mangrove Forests

White Green Blue, a social enterprise focused on global sustainability, recently discussed carbon footprint compensation and nature-based solutions, outlining a beneficial approach through the conservation and restoration of mangrove forests.

White Green Blue is a start-up social enterprise in the field of global sustainability with a focus on carbon footprint compensation through nature-based solutions. Senior spokesperson for the company, Gert Olefs explains, “Our mission is to create a more sustainable world through offering you the most cost-effective and impactful nature-based solutions available today.”

Olefs recently discussed how taking action against climate change is imperative. “All individuals and businesses live in a fundamentally unsustainable way. Climate change is the most tangible result of this situation. Nature-based solutions not only provide a direct ecological impact but also many additional benefits.

We focus on the conservation and restoration of mangrove forests because they are among the most effective ways to compensate for our carbon footprint. They store up to four times the amount of carbon compared to a tropical forest, mostly thanks to their intricate root system which fixes carbon-rich sediments,” he said.

Olefs highlighted additional advantages mangrove forests provide:

Biodiverse ecosystem and nursery grounds for many commercially important fish and
Protection of shorelines against erosion and wave damage
Protection of coastal agricultural land against salinization
Mangroves, like all trees, are useful against air pollution
Income for local populations which provide children with the opportunity to go to school and help them avoid slave trade, child marriages or sex trade.

“Unfortunately, we are losing 1-2% of mangrove forests each year and have already lost more than 35% on a global scale. Mangrove loss is more rapid than other forest types worldwide,” Olefs said. “Compensation does not substitute decreasing the size of your CO2 footprint, we must also change our behaviors and technologies to green alternatives whenever possible.”

White Green Blue offers Carbon Compensation Memberships for individuals and companies. These memberships conserve existing forests and restore degraded mangrove habitat.

To learn more about White Green Blue projects or compensation memberships, please visit the company’s official website.


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