CoinJanitor Buys Deadcoins & Announces 1 Million Sat Giveaway Away to Say Thanks!

Bitcoin Press Release: Coinjanitor have released details of their 1,000,000 SAT giveaway as part of its 2nd birthday.


24th June, 2020, Nicosia, Cyprus: It is hard to think about how many deadcoins there are out there. So many projects have failed or have been abandoned that the number of users who got stuck with those bags is unfathomable. This is a drag on the crypto space as a whole, but not for long. CoinJanitor came to the space 2 years ago as the first project of its kind.

This project is all about cleaning up crypto and giving all these users who are stuck another chance.CoinJanitor is the first project to absorb multiple deadcoins and is growing steadily after its first 2 years of operations. To celebrate this feat and get everyone in crypto excited about the project, the team also decided to launch a 1 million Sats worth of Bitcoin giveaway.

A Little Background About CoinJanitor

This Bitcoin giveaway supports CoinJanitor’s view that value should keep on migrating to top ranked cryptocurrencies. The team believes it has found the formula to contribute to this movement:

  • Most people in the space think about price; CoinJanitor focuses on value
  • Deadcoins still have value locked in them – all the assets like social media channels, code, and users
  • If it is possible to onboard deadcoin users while buying out deadcoin assets, the value can be unlocked
  • As CoinJanitor accumulates more assets and users it gains scale
  • Its community members benefit directly from the use of these assets
  • The cryptocurrency market enjoys a positive externality – from deadcoin users who now have a convertible token instead of a delisted bag of coins

How to Participate in the CoinJanitor Bitcoin Giveaway?

Supporting this project is easy. There are a few ways of doing so, but none better than signing up for CoinJanitor’s Bitcoin giveaway. It is all about helping the team get the word out and reach more deadcoin holders or abandoned project developers.

Since this has been the toughest obstacle the CoinJanitor team has faced in its journey to the deadcoin buyouts it now has under its belt, getting more people to know the project and understand how it will become the de facto mechanism to recycle value in crypto is the best way to celebrate this 2 year anniversary.

CoinJanitor’s Bitcoin Giveaway Rules

Participating in this giveaway is easy. Regardless of whether they are members of the CoinJanitor community or not, users just have to:

  • Join the CoinJanitor newsletter to get one raffle point
  • Share CoinJanitor messages on social media to get more raffle points 

When users signup they are competing for one of the following prizes:

  • 1 million Satoshis for the winner
  • 2,000 JAN tokens for the runner up
  • 1,000 JAN tokens for third place

The winners will be chosen at random and in the meantime users will be able to sign up and accumulate as many raffle points as possible

Sign Up & Follow CoinJanitor

So, just go ahead. Sign up and follow CoinJanitor’s effort to clean up the crypto space for the benefit of anyone involved. Users can reach CoinJanitor, sign up, keep up with its progress and share its updates through social channels like telegram or twitter or by visiting

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