Coinstox as a Bridge Between Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Businesses & Investors

Coinstox is the first DeFi crowdfunding platform that enables startups and entrepreneurs to generate capital fast, intelligent, and transparent in exchange for tokens.

— Competition is very strong in today’s market. There are many startups and young businesses that would like to find investors and raise capital, just as there are investors looking for a reliable project for investment. 

By definition, crowdfunding means convenient and affordable funding directly from sponsors. This concept is critically important for aspiring entrepreneurs at the idea stage, since in any country a bank will not be able to offer a loan to any of them: there is no operating business yet.

However, crowdfunding platforms, which are designed to directly connect startups and buyers, increasingly rely on the services of intermediaries: banks and payment systems. As a result, it is these intermediaries that become the sources of restrictions and inconveniences that prevent startups from not only developing their own product, but even participating in crowdfunding.

Also on other crowdfunding platforms, creators often struggle to offer attractive rewards to investors. This is where Coinstox comes in.

Why Coinstox? 

Coinstox is the first DeFi crowdfunding platform that enables startups and entrepreneurs to generate capital fast, intelligent and transparent in exchange for tokens.

Unlike other platforms, instead of probably unnecessary startup products, Coinstox offers investors Crypto tokens from the creators.

As with an IPO, creators will be able to retain most of the capital raised and use it to grow their business, as investors will use their tokens or sell them to third parties.

Let’s look at the following example:
A creator seeks an investment of 100.000. As the creator publishes the project called „XYZ“, Coinstox automatically creates 100.000 XYZ Tokens (in this example, the creator pre-defines the par value as 1, but can be pre-defined at any par value).

What problems does Coinstox solve?

Small businesses and startups often struggle with raising capital due to:
Lack of credit worthiness, 
Missing balance sheets of startups
Lack of experience  
Enormous legal channels
Lack the necessary exposure to potential investors
Very high interest rates on loan repayments and transaction 
The company’s finances are monitored centrally 
Difficulty of receiving any capital for developing blockchain-based technologies

Coinstox Solution

We offer decentralized blockchain technology for payments and finances, as well as “smart contract” for contracts with the investors. There are no additional licenses for tokenization required, which makes the process even smarter and quicker. 

Every company owns an individual currency, The Tokens, which make trade possible and allow a secured form of investment. In return for their investment, the investors receive special offers from the company as well as the company’s individual Tokens. The Tokens can be exchanged with all other project Tokens, without raising marketing expenses.

Token holders can also use their tokens in the company’s stores or services. CSX token is accepted by all partners to pay for services and products. 

With Coinstox we want to create a secure possibility for investments and raising of capital for companies. Every brand holds their own individual Token, the so called project Tokens, to trade with. Every investor receives a special service of the brand, in return for their investment, as well as the brand’s individual Tokens. The holdings of Tokens enable trade that results in a rotation which increases the value of the Tokens.

Coinstox offers the following Advantages:

Wide range of investors who invest small amounts in the company
Decentralized block chain technology for payments and finances
Smart Contract for contracts with the investors
No additional licenses for tokenization required
The company’s own currency for investors and customers
In return, investors receive offers from the company and Tokens. Thus they are secured in their investments
The Tokens can be exchanged with all other project Tokens
No high marketing expenses

Thus, Coinstox leverages blockchain technology to connect businesses looking to raise capital, with investors looking for small investment opportunities, solving their problems and ensuring mutually beneficial cooperation. 

Learn more about the Coinstox advantages here:

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