Confidence Program For Children To Manage Emotions, Stress And Anxiety Launched

A confidence program to help children and families learn techniques to deal with stress, anxiety, and emotions while going through a divorce has been launched by entrepreneur Tammie Shannon.

A new program designed to help children and families learn techniques to help cope with emotions, stress, and anxiety has been launched. Leading entrepreneur and financial expert, Tammie Shannon of The Shannon Success Strategies encourages individuals to transform their lives through success strategies and coaching.

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The newly launched program aimed at building confidence in children is especially useful for families going through a divorce or separation. Tammie explains that as a parent and divorcee herself, she understands the decisions people make can inadvertently affect children making them unintentional collateral damage.

She argues that children need an advocate that is not one of their parents, so that they can speak their mind and heart without the fear of rejection, anger, or repercussions. The program aims to cultivate a lifetime of possibilities into reality with expansive thinking, engaged living, and an awareness of being.

It is ideal for parents who want to give their children the confidence they need to excel in life, and who want to create a solid foundation of empowerment and discernment that enables children to make solid decisions. Additionally, it helps children to grow up embodying the core values of success and live a life filled with love and integrity.

During the course, families will learn techniques and exercises to promote the core values that are important to them. It will teach parents to recognize and respond to the needs of their children while also discussing successful co-parenting skills that provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for parents, children, and any partners or other adults involved.

A company spokesperson said: “Children that come through our ‘Confident Kids’ program, no matter their background or family situation, emerge with a stronger sense of self-acceptance, love, and trust. They have a strong supportive value system based off foundations built on awareness, authenticity, and feel supported and balanced in family, life, and society.”

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