Cunghocwp Gives A Detailed Instructions On How To Reinstall The WordPress When Infected With Malware

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Cunghocwp, a Vietnam based website that provides information regarding the WP blog and shares valuable knowledge about Blog WordPress, Hosting, Blog marketing, SEO, and MMO. A company representative states that recently Cunghoc WP gives detailed instructions on how to reinstall WordPress when infected with malware.

Firstly, Cunghocwp explains how The WordPress website gets infected with malicious code. Usually, there are 3 common scenarios. First, when the homepage gets changed to a warning page that has been hacked with epic music. The second scenario is when the website silently sends fraudulent emails, spam continuously on the host without the owner knowing. And lastly, the website contains hidden links that advertise gambling, drugs, phishing scam services. In these cases, the only way to clean the website is by reinstalling the website from the beginning. Reinstalling the website does not mean that one has to rewrite the content or product again because the data will be saved to the database, and no malicious code is attached to the database. A company representative further explains the meaning of reinstalling the website. A soft data stored in the database on the old website is taken, then the new website is installed, and this data is entered.

A company representative states that Cunghoc WP has mentioned steps to reinstall the website in detail on its website. The first step is to install a new website, then back up the data on the website. The next step is to import old data into the new website, and then reinstall the theme carefully. Once a person done with these steps, they can upload the source code on the main website and change the website address in the database. Cunghoc WP have explained all this in detail, click here for more information

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