Gimmio Has Released Brand New Email Signature Generator

Gimmio’s email signature generator is one of the company’s most popular applications with over 63,000 users. It has a high compatibility and advanced layout editor.

Gimmio has released its new email signature generator which has come to redefine the whole concept of signature generation. Over the years, companies have used slow methods to generate their signatures most of which have not been very impressive. One of the directors in the company said that this application is an upgrade of what they used to have. He also stated that many digital companies have expressed their interest to use Gimmio’s applications. This has given them the push to create new products as well as upgrading what they already have.

Original Product

The original platform that gave birth to the now famous Gimmio is the ZippySig email signature generator. Gordan Banjac, one of the company directors said that they started it with the aim of providing the most customizable signature generator. Even though there were many more signature generators available, he said that none of them matched what they had in mind.

The vision to avail a more flexible application led to the launching of ZippySig email signature generator. Generally, they felt the need to shift businesses from the traditional ineffective ways of marketing through digital awareness.

Creating Gimmio

Gordan claimed that even though their original product was likable and earned them a huge customer base, they still felt the need to create a better product. According to him, they wanted to come up with something that would be outstanding in the digital marketing industry. This quest led to the birth of Gimmio email signature generator. This application has gained massive popularity in the recent past with over 63,000 users and an impressive rating from satisfied customers. Banjac said that Gimmio has given them a fresh start and will reflect their long-term goals.

Next Milestones for Gimmio

Gimmio’s email signature generator has received an impressive welcome in the digital market. One of the directors reported that in a few months they have garnered a huge following on Twitter. He said that their aim for the next six to twelve months is to develop applications that compliment email signatures. These will include an online form generator and business card maker among others. The development of these applications will enable those who already have email signatures with Gimmio to create and order pre-designed business cards.

Transition to Gimmio for Existing Customers

Even though Gimmio is an upgrade of the previous email signature generating application, Gordan stated that it is impossible to simply shift. Gimmio’s email signature generator has a lot more added features which have made it a totally new platform. He explained that those who wish to migrate would have to re-create their email signatures afresh.

Banjac also made it clear that Gimmio and the older version ZippySig are now two separate platforms and this makes it impractical to do a simple crossover. This, therefore, implies those who remain on the old platform can keep their existing signatures as they are. However, they will not be able to experience the new application and all the features unless they redo their signatures afresh. As a way of motivating many to shift, he was quick to promise a discount for those who wish to migrate depending on how long they have used their services.

About Gimmio

Gimmio is a digital platform that brings the best business marketing and branding tools in one place. The Gimmio email signature generator is one of the most popular applications of its kind in the world. It has an advanced layout editor and compatibility with over 55 email clients. Other features include over 25 email signature templates on which customers can easily add banners, disclaimers, quotes and even messages. With over 63,000 customers using this service, it has been ranked first on multiple sites with a high customer satisfaction score of 4.8/5.

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