Microsoft Azure Consultant For BPOs: Passwordless Authentication Systems Update

The Azure IAM cybersecurity consulting firm has expanded their services to better accommodate BPO providers.


This expansion seeks to meet the needs of IT-intensive BPO providers, especially companies hosting large volumes of cloud data for a client. In these scenarios, maintaining a high degree of digital security is essential not only in the daily operation of the business, but also in the interest of maintaining a healthy client-provider trust relationship.

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Azure IAM can provide highly versatile cybersecurity consulting services to this new range of businesses and are particularly focused on facilitating passwordless cloud security systems. These systems are ideal for BPO providers as they allow for multiple secure points of access to be established without the need for overly cumbersome security checks.

The firm specializes in establishing security environments using a range of Microsoft technologies, primarily based around the Azure Active Directory. As an officially recognized Microsoft partner, the firm has access to all Azure-based products alongside a range of secondary security solutions such as Authenticator and Yubikey, all of which can be built into their implementations.

BPO providers can use this service to secure third-party data and facilitate high-speed collaborative environments using the Azure security ecosystem. Azure AD in conjunction with on-premise solutions can create systems that provide end users with a seamless experience, while behind the scenes those users are being carefully monitored using an array of sophisticated techniques to ensure that breaches are stopped before they occur.

A company spokesperson said, β€œIt is simple: Our company will help you focus on your core business and increase your productivity with an Integrated Identity Management system that secures your primary asset, that is, your users, both on-premise and in the cloud. Why this focus on the users? The user identity is the new perimeter, and it is the asset to secure and protect against password spray, social engineering, phishing, impersonation, and other sophisticated attacks.”

Following this expansion, Azure IAM will be able to create dynamic cloud security environments for large-scale networks, particularly those that are accessed by multiple parties in a BPO setting. Their mission is to ensure that those who rely on cloud computing processes to power their businesses can do so without fear of security breaches or hack attempts.

The Azure IAM team is composed of industry professionals, with over 70 years of combined experience across the core team. They have the expertise and certifications necessary to build flexible cloud security and MFA systems that clients can count on to keep their data safe.

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