New Website For Finding DEXA Scanning Locations Launches

DEXA Scan Near Me is a newly launched website that is designed to help people find locations near them that provide DEXA scans. People looking for DEXA scans to help measure bone density and body composition can use the site’s new interactive map.

Built to serve as an informational resource, DEXA Scan Near Me is a newly launched website that helps people find locations near them that are providing DEXA scans. The site includes a map that can be viewed in the browser or on mobile devices, pinpointing the currently known locations and providing DEXA scans, with more being added as they are discovered.

Finding a DEXA scan and understanding how the process works can be overwhelming for some people. The site map out locations that offer DEXA scanning for both the purposes of bone density scans and body composition scans. The team at DEXA Scan Near Me have created a site to answer common questions such as the cost, the benefits, the risks, and what to expect on the day of your scan. They address two primary demographics: those potentially at risk for osteoporosis who need bone density scans and fitness enthusiasts who want to measure their lean and fat mass to determine if their workouts and diets are effective.

Also known as dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scans, DEXA Scans are painless and noninvasive scans of the body that can reveal several key factors of an individual’s health. Typically, they are used either to measure the mineral density of the individual’s bones as a way of confirming bone density levels. They are also used to measure the individual’s body composition, which is the level and percentage of fat, muscle, and bone in their body. Whether it is to help diagnose and fight against bone conditions like osteoporosis or to measure the effectiveness of fitness and diet efforts, DEXA scans are becoming a more popular part of the health care world and the new website aims to help people find the locations where they can access these scans.

The website also delivers plenty of information on DEXA scans, their use, and how they can be helpful in treating a range of conditions, as well as some risks and caveats that users should know. The site will continue to update with information on DEXA scans, as well as further locations as they open up or are discovered across the country.

To learn more about DEXA Scan Near Me and its interactive map for helping people find their closest DEXA scan locations, you can visit the website at


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