ReThink Money For Children & Teens: Paul O’Mahony Financial Literacy Book Review

A new book by Paul O’Mahony and Chris Ferrell, called “ReThink Money for Children and Teens” has been released. The book enables children to grasp financial concepts like saving and spending and helps them develop key financial habits.

Paul O’Mahony and Chris Farrell announced the release of a new book for children, called “ReThink Money for Children and Teens” that teaches readers how to understand money and become financially smart. Through simple and engaging lessons, it is aimed at improving financial awareness among pupils.

During the launch week, the authors offer a free copy of the book at https://muncheye– .

Readers and young entrepreneurs can discover 37 different home-based businesses that children and teens can set up from home. They can explore proven strategies that can help them grow and scale their wealth. The book helps readers learn new money skills, understand key money concepts, master simple savings, and investments. Children are shown how to use their newly acquired skills to make a real impact on their family and community.

The book is both entertaining, inspirational, and educational – a valuable resource and guide for both children and parents that reveals the real value of money and their relationship to other life values and its flow in the community. Any kid on the planet can benefit from reading the book. Any child can learn more about checking accounts, needs vs wants, assets, and liabilities, and more.

Paul O’Mahony and Chris Farrell are the creators of the online financial tutorials for children, called FUNancial Freedom. The comprehensive course FUNancial Freedom teaches children how to make sound financial decisions. It helps them create good financial habits that can enable them to easily navigate life and can secure their financial freedom as adults.

The book empowers parents to raise a generation of mindful consumers, investors, savers, and givers. It features valuable tips that teach kids how to save and manage money. The book is perfect for young entrepreneurs who want to acquire new money skills during the quarantine period. It can be added to the homeschooling curriculum.

Get a free copy of the book “ReThink Money for Children and Teens” at . Buyers need to pay only the shipping and handling cost.

Interested parties can also find more information about the financial training course FUNancial Freedom at https://muncheye– .

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