Timely Transformation Help For Offline Retailers To Survive Current Conditions And Thrive In The Future

A few organizations in Singapore with better online experiences and successes are extending assistance to those with a pressing need to take their businesses online to survive current challenging times.

— Online and offline once thought to be two very separate worlds. But with the rise of e-commerce and in particular mobile commerce, the distinction between online and offline is blurring rapidly. This blurring is becoming even more prominent with the world fighting a pandemic and the need to maintain social distancing, shifting even more activities online.

Controlled movement of consumers and operation restrictions crushed expectations of walk-ins or even regular patronage that most traditional offline retailers relied on for business. Over 8,000 businesses that failed to pivot and transform their sales channels were reported to have wound up in Singapore for April 2020 alone.

The urgent need for offline retailers to speedily establish their presence in the digital realm and open up different sales channels is real. However, to successfully do so quickly and escape being on the casualty list has proven to be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, a few organizations in Singapore with better online experiences and successes are extending assistance to those with a pressing need to take their businesses online.

An advertising dollar sharing platform with an existing e-commerce and mobile commerce ecosystem, V-MORE, in particular, empathizes with the dire straits that these retailers are in and acknowledges its duty to lend a helping hand.

V-MORE was conceptualized in Singapore with a patent-pending for its “Advertising Incentive Marketing” filed with IPOS Singapore in 2019. Its roots most likely explained its particular affinity with Singapore businesses.

Having researched and developed its advertising technology (AdTech) since 2018, V-MORE AdTech was initially planned for Q3/Q4 2020 launch to offer a practical and cost-efficient advertising channel with a wider consumer reach. However, the rush to save businesses in Singapore propelled V-More to deploy its AdTech technology earlier.

V-MORE AdTech allows traditional business owners to quickly establish an online presence with minimal difficulties; while achieving greater exposure to a broader audience for increased sales. Enterprising businesses may even expand into broader markets by leveraging V-MORE’s extended ecosystem that spans over many countries.

Its unique incentivizing model ensures that adverts and offers from businesses reach real potential buyers and consumers. By allocating the bulk of advertising fees as reward points to be distributed to signed-in users who paid meaningful attention to the adverts and offers is possibly the reason that positive results may happen rather quickly. These reward points are attractive to users because they can redeem for the products and services available on the platform.

While V-MORE Adtech may be an immediate “painkiller” for stranded business owners in current situations, it takes more to secure their future. V-MORE, with its team of partnered agencies, are extending further help to future-proof businesses. Each qualifying business will be assigned a representative who will handhold, guide and implement solutions to turn their business around. Through this on-going relationship, V-MORE aims to equip these businesses with the necessary skills to tide through the current turbulence, transform and compete with an edge in this “new normal” world.

Successful transformation of these offline retail businesses in this manner could mean that they will eventually be independent and thrive in both the offline and online world now and in the future.

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