Toledo Digital Marketing Agency Explains Benefits Of Expert Website Design

Toledo area digital marketing agency, Unify Marketing & Technology Solutions, explains how expert website design helps acquire and retain customers for Toledo, Maumee, & Perrysburg OH businesses.

High quality website design attracts website visitors then converts them into buying customers. Unify Marketing & Technology Solutions (Unify MTS) leverages years of experience developing high quality, high performance business websites. Company President, Jason Vickers explains the key aspects of and how and why well-designed websites are essential for business.

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A majority of survey data shows that prospective customers judge a company by it’s public face – primarily it’s website. Visitors associate good website design with a good business. Predictably, a poorly designed or unresponsive website is associated with a low-quality business or service.

Mr. Vickers explains, “Perceived credibility and quality, alone are sufficient for business owners to consider consulting an expert website design agency to ensure success. Any modern business website should be easy to read from mobile devices, intuitively organized, and easy to navigate.”

Having a website is absolutely essential for any business to be found by potential customers. A majority percentage of business purchase decisions start with a search on the internet. In addition to the credibility that a well designed website provides a company, a website is a useful tool used to share critical information about a business. A reputable web designer like Unify MTS can create a responsive and easy to navigate site that makes visitors comfortable and willing to try services offered by a business.

Unify MTS also leverages online analytics tools, so businesses can track customers’ needs as well as determine how they found the website. Website analytics and the resulting metrics enable businesses to conduct a user flow analysis, which provides insight to how visitors click through and explore a website. The website is used as an effective platform for a business to analyze website visitor behavior and understand their customers better. Business owners can take action to gain or retain customers by fixing weak components of their online marketing strategy and take steps to boost sales.

A professionally designed business website can provide a host of additional benefits, starting with a time-saving and efficient customer service platform. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, can save time and money by enabling customers to find answers without engaging expensive customer service staff. FAQs also provide more information to customers than they would otherwise think to ask a service representative. This type of helpful content leads to positive customer relationships, and repeat business.

According to Unify MTS professional website designers, critical factors include functionality, simplicity, consistency, color, and content. Web design must adequately accommodate the needs of the user by imparting the necessary information. Simple navigation is critical when it comes to retaining visitors. If a website is complex and inconsistent, visitors are more likely to give up their search and find what they need somewhere else.

Effective lead generation, requires effective landing pages. Unify MTS explains that a business website’s landing pages should be designed correctly. After potential customers visit a business home page and consume the content, they should be prompted to purchase products or service offerings.

Experienced web developers like Unify MTS design landing pages with content that is focused on converting visitors to clients and giving a better user experience. They advise to eliminate any design features that don’t turn traffic into leads or clearly define all business services and the related benefits to potential customers. Design should minimize clicks required for visitors to reach the desired content from the homepage.

Visible and strategically placed calls-to-action are a requirement of good design, according to the Unify MTS team. A website should contain well-positioned links, buttons, or other calls-to-action. Web visitors should be helped to take further action, and it’s the web designers job to make that happen. It’s been proved that the best way to generate more leads is for businesses to simple ask visitors to try what their brand has to offer.

Unify Marketing & Technology Solutions makes it possible for even small businesses with limited budgets to get effective and affordable website design. Interested companies can review information about all their services at: .

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