Standard Gain Horn Antennas For 5G & More from Experts in Millimeter Wave

A new range of standard gain horn antennas has been launched by Mi-Wave for the millimeter wave industry. They work with 5G companies and major technology companies like Apple, SpaceX and NASA.

Millimeter Wave Products Inc (Mi-Wave) has launched a new range of standard gain horn antennas for the 5G industry. The 5G world is in its infancy, but is already gaining mass media attention for the potential high-speed wireless mobile internet it will bring. But behind the movement there are products like the Mi-Wave gain horn antenna.

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The newly launched standard gain horn antennas have a nominal gain of 25 dB, and are available from 12.4 to 500 GHz. Customers will discover that they are made with precise dimensional tolerance control.

Each of the standard gain horn antennas available through Mi-Wave can be fully customized to meet the needs of customers. Gain calibration is accurate to 0.5 dB over full waveguide bandwidth, and other gain values are available on request.

One of the key benefits of the new 261 Series from Mi-Wave is that they are fabricated with a very close tolerance to ensure precise manufacturing.

Each of the standard gain horns produced by Mi-Wave can be used to experimentally determine the gain of other antennas through the substitution method.

They are a vital product when it comes to testing antennas, applications and 5G technologies. They are used in antenna test range applications, and help to deliver accurate and reliable gain measurements.

Mi-Wave explains that, when it comes to choosing a standard gain horn supplier, the most important things to work with manufacturers that can meet your exact needs.

Mi-Wave is one of the leading specialists in the industry at a global level. The St Petersburg, FL based business is equipped with an on-site anechoic chamber, and have been producing horn antennas and related MMWave equipment for over 30 years.

Many MMWave companies in the US are resellers of products, but Mi-Wave are manufacturers of high quality products. They have worked with major brands from Apple to Google, SpaceX and NASA.

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