AnimatedKIT Cham Atlatis Flat Animation 2018 Video Presentation Tool Launched

A powerful new animation and video marketing tool has been launched by Cham Altatis, called AnimatedKIT. It harnesses the power of flat animation design for sites, presentations and video.

Cham Atlatis has announced the launch of AnimatedKIT, a powerful new video marketing tool that makes it easier to use animation to engage customers and make more sales. The software allows business owners in any field to increase the engagement and conversion of their pages and videos using tailored animation.

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Many business owners know the importance of video marketing and how powerful it can be in the current market. Video has become the most in-demand form of media online and is known for being able to get across a large amount of information quickly.

In addition to this, it helps to increase trust between the consumer and the business. This leads to more sales and increased engagement.

However, some business owners still find that their videos and pages aren’t converting as well as they hoped. This is where a tool like AnimatedKIT can help, by making it easier to create compelling videos.

One reason that videos might not be performing well is that they are relying on outdated or obsolete designs. Flat design animation captures one of the biggest trends of today, which sees most logos switching from rounded, 3D elements to flat designs.

It translates this into flat design elements that can be used across websites and videos, turning them into captivating tools that grab attention and make customers more likely to pay attention.

The creators state: “Instead of just relying on those static flat elements, it’s a great idea to use animated flat elements. Combining the power of animation and modern flat 2.0 design trend, your videos and pages can be 10X MORE effective.”

With AnimatedKIT, users get access to over 2,000 animated flat elements that can enhance any video, website, or presentation. These are available in both MOV and GIF formats, so they can be used in any marketing campaign.

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