Expert Veeva CLM Developer Expands Globally to Transform Pharmaceutical Sector

After serving countless healthcare companies for years, Hamza El Midaoui has announced his plans extend his profession globally in order to transform the pharmaceutical sector.

— Hamza El Midaoui and his company Nyuritchi have recently announced their plans to extend their services globally. Hamza’s plan is to create sub-companies in Morocco and Dubai to work with the North African and Middle Eastern markets.

Hamza is a professional web IT Expert with 8+ years of experience developing Veeva-based projects for various companies in the pharmaceutical sector. He has a great deal of experience offering web design and development services as well as a number of other services in the IT field. Hamza plans to offer his expertise in Veeva development with global healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

Veeva is a pharmaceutical CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) Platform focused on pharmaceutical and life sciences industry applications. Veeva aids companies in deploying applications to manage end-to-end content, data, and workflow.

As a top Veeva developer, Hamza has combined his creative and technical know-how to provide innovative solutions to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies across France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, Morocco, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait, and more.

Hamza has amassed a wide range of IT skills and experience from his work as a freelance IT expert and developer. He has serviced top health companies and organizations including IPSEN, SANOFI, BAYER, MERCK (MSD), ZAMBON, MAYOLY-SPINDLER, JOHNSON&JOHNSON, SOBI, ABBVIE, PFIZER, NOVARTIS, AMGEN, NOVO NORDISK, GILEAD, ROCHE, and more. He is also trusted by many agencies and professionals.

“I specialize in CLM and CRM development used by the pharmaceutical industry such as Veeva, Mobile Intelligence… I have a double Veeva certification. A Business certification for salespeople, allowing you to best respond to your problems, and Technical certification reserved for developers. I have the highest level of “4 of 4 Multichannel Certificates Earned” accreditation,” says Hamza.

Although Hamza specializes in Veeva development and other digital sales support tools, he also boasts a wealth of experience in frontend development and WordPress (PHP) development. Hamza is also handy with a broad range of digital technologies including Mobile Intelligence (MI TOUCH), Web design, CTmobile, Kadrige, Euris, HubDigital, Agnitio, Skura, and various email platforms.

Hamza’s services stand toe to toe with the absolute best in the industry. He also stands apart from the competition with his creative and innovative approach to solving problems for diverse clients.

Hamza says he is looking forward to working with some of the most ambitious companies in the world and helping them grow and hit new revenue heights by building custom solutions and comprehensive web strategies.

“Being freelance, I am more affordable than an agency because I don’t have as many charges and fees,” says Hamza.

Hamza specializes in conceptualizing and developing digital applications for Veeva CLM development and Veeva Approved E-mails development.

Hamza is independent, passionate, and creative with impeccably high standards and execution. He brings an obsessive level of attention-to-detail when it comes to solving customer needs. The talented IT expert is also strong on self-improvement and optimization and likes to challenge himself and grow with every new project.

He’s a native Arabic speaker. As a Parisian, he is fluent in French and also has a great command of the English language.

For more information on the services Hamza and his team offer, please visit his website or company website.

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Organization: Nyuritchi
Address: 66 Avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris France
Phone: +33 7 63 74 30 45

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