ZROY launched the first product specifically for female daily private cleaning, redefining the concept of private care and cleaning

ZROY launched the first product specifically for female daily private cleaning, redefining the concept of private care and cleaning

Recently, ZROY officially launched the first product specially designed for female daily private cleaning. After nearly 3 years of research, the product has eventually solved the problems of antibacterial reliance, skin allergy, and excessive intervention caused by existing product, such as “intervention of bacteria colony”, “deodorizing by flavors”, and “medicinal substances addition”.

As for product technology, the team pioneered the Organic Targeted Bacteriostasis technology from plant extracts, and proposed a new concept of “Light Disturbance, Rich Nourishment”.

As we all know, due to the particularity of female physiology, living habits and increasing life pressure, the natural defense barrier of private area has become vulnerable, which leads to girls’ private area susceptible to bacteria infection and discomfort. Most of the existing feminine wash is a mixture of chemicals, resulting in allergy and further harm on women’s private areas. Besides, water cleaning does not solve the problems of bacterial growth due to the long-term wrapping of clothing. Therefore, products which aim on bacteriostasis or adjustment of bacteria-colony number appear. These products help women change to the health status by adding beneficial bacteria. It brings some good effects in a short period. However, the method of directly adding bacteria will eventually lead to the imbalance of the flora and pH value because of individual differences. Besides,the addition of some strong antibacterial substances can kill harmful bacteria as well as beneficial bacteria, making the natural defense of the private part useless. That is why so many doctors do not recommend excessive disturbance.

Targeting new needs of feminine wash, ZROY R&D team selects natural plant extracts and simplified formula. ZROY proposes the new idea of “Light disturbance, rich nurishment”. The R&D team team has selected a variety of plant extracts including New Zealand’s native snowdrop and liquorice, as much as possible to replace chemicals and irritating substances such as soap bases, fragrances, paraben and alcohol. By natural effects of plant extracts, ZROY regulates microecological balance and help restore self-cleaning power of the body while ensuring a lasting effect and the safety.

Organic targeted bacteriostasis technology is particularly worth mentioning. This technology uses the characteristics of the plant extract itself to inhibit harmful bacteria and minimize the damage to beneficial bacteria, achieving self-cleaning power of the private area. It can fundamentally solve the problems of itching and odor. The product does not add any additional bacteria and does not interfere directly with the PH value, making the properties similar to water, mild and non-irritating. ZROY feminine wash contains extracts from galanthus nivalis, radix glycyrrhize, and saussurea involucrata essential oil instead of chemical components to achieve bacteriostasis, nourishment and fragrance retention. The product has passed FDA certification, MSDS component testing, skin hypoallergenic testing and Vaginal mucosa irritating testing to ensure the safety and non-irritating of the natural ingredients.     

ZROY develops products for daily cleaning and are now available in many countries and regions around the world. Log in the official website to know more: https://zroynzl.com/ 

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